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One More Year

Arkansas junior Marshawn Powell declared for the NBA Draft last week via Twitter. 

Powell had an excellent career with the Razorbacks. He recorded 1,270 points and 519 rebounds after major set backs due to multiple injuries.

Besides having a great junior year, after coming off an ACL tear, Powell hasn't done enough to play in the NBA. He just isn't ready yet. One more season with the Razorbacks, he will sure be ready.

I'm sure a reason Powell is entering the draft is his injury prone body may not be able to take another year, so he rather make it to the pros while he's healthy.

If you look at NBA Mock Draft's from any expert, Powell isn't listed in a single one. Give him one more year and he will be a first round pick.

Powell is a threat in the inside as well as the outside. He isn't afraid to post someone up or step out and take a three. Which is a common trait in the NBA today. Look at LeBron James, he will post you up or take an outside shot.

Staying one more year, Powell can work on his game and improve his flaws. He can work more on his post moves and become more dominant in the post, instead of relying on his outside game.

Although Powell is tough, he needs to hit the weight room. Working in the weight room this offseason, there is no doubt Powell would be the strongest player in the SEC next season.

Another area of improvement would be consentience, especially during road games. At home Powell was posting multiple 20-point games and then going on the road and posting single digit scoring.

In one more year, Powell can raise his draft stock significantly by improving his game and leading the Hogs to a great season.