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National Championship Game Predictions

Louisville (1) vs. Michigan (4)

Louisville Cardinals

Record: 34-5

Coach: Rick Pitino

Conference: Big East (14-4)

Previous Tournament Wins: North Carolina A&T (16), 79-48; Colorado State (8), 82-56; Oregon (12), 77-69; Duke (2), 85-63; Wichita State (9), 72-68

Michigan Wolverines

Record: 31-7

Coach: John Beilein

Conference: Big 10 (12-6)

Previous Tournament Wins: South Dakota State (13), 71-56; VCU (5), 78-53; Kansas (1), 87-85; Florida (3), 79-59; Syracuse (4), 61-56

Prediction: Louisville. Louisville has been tough all season and have continued to show it throughout the tournament. Louisville will have to penetrate and not settle for the three ball. Michigan's defense is their weakness and Louisville will have to take advantage of it by playing an uptempo game and forcing the ball inside. Louisville's weakness is shooting, therefore they can't settle. They need to get the inside-out game going. Michigan's strength is shooting. Michigan relies on the three ball to drop every single game, that's what has kept them in the tournament. Louisville's strength is their tough pressure defense. They will have to make sure they have a hand in the shooter's face, no matter what. If Michigan wants to win, they are going to have to turn up the defense and make stops. This will be a good game, considering one teams weakness, is the others strength. 

Score: 70-64