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The Pros and Cons of Twitter When It Comes to Recruiting

Brian Early, assistant football coach for the University of Arkansas, sent out a tweet saying that he had done away with a recruit because of his Twitter account. 

"Eliminated a prospect today because of his Twitter account. Unreal. Can't/Won't bring you to the table! #ThinkBeforeYouTweet" -@BrianEarly2

Twitter is the becoming the most popular form of social media with 554,750,000 active users and around 135,000 new members signing up everyday. 

When it comes to recruiting for college sports, Twitter has both its pros and cons. We have seen players announce their commitment via Twitter, as well as announce decommitment. But, players have also lost interest in schools and lost scholarships because of Twitter. 


  • College coaches are using twitter to tweet to possible recruits news and information about their program. 
  • Recruits can tweet their recruiting information and videos directly to coaches. 
  • Recruits have a way to interact with coaches and current players.
  • It allows recruits to get a taste of the fans, with fans tweeting them constantly trying to persuade their decisions.  


  • Recruits lose interest from coaches by posting inappropriate things that deject their character and morals. 
  •  Recruits don't realize that the whole world has access to what they say, including coaches, current players, fans, administrators and the NCAA. 
  • People will criticize and hate on the recruits causing unnecessary "twitter fights."
  • Rumors get started through twitter and can end up hurting recruiting. 
  • Recruits/coaches find out information on twitter before they actually hear it in person.
There are many pros and cons of Twitter or any social networking for that matter, when it comes to recruiting. Not just recruits, but coaches, current players and even fans need to think about what they are tweeting before they actually do. You never know the outcome of what one simple tweet could be.